60" or 72" runners consisting of 7-9 designs of your choosing

Ever wish you could find an extra long table runner that matched or complimented your dining/living room décor? Well, now you can! How would you like to browse through over 1,000 designs and choose just the ones you want such as lighthouses, birds, butterflies or maybe flowers? And on top of all that it comes in a 60" length with cotton quilted backing and the thread is colorfast and the runners are machine washable and dryable. You can also choose the color of the cotton material that the designs are embroidered on…pastel blue, pastel yellow, pastel pink or white. This is quality material…not seconds! Best of all, you will not find others having the same on their table because YOU designed it yourself!

All this for only $40.00.

35" and 45" runners with 5-7 designs are also available for $30.00

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