Hand Towel Sets of 2

Ever look for that quaint gift to bring to a housewarming or just a 'thinking of you' gift? Or maybe you need another little something to add to round off the gift that you are giving…well here they are. Bold flowers, floral monograms, or just about anything else you might want on a set of hand towels. This make a grand statement on hand towel sets. White towles are always availabe. Check with me for availability on other colors.

And at $8.00 a set, it won't break the bank either.

Holiday Hand Towel Sets

I also make hand towel sets with the monthly decorations on them. You can choose up to 3 sets for $8.00 each or more at discounted prices. Sort of a 'the more you buy, the more you save'.

1-3 (sets of 2 each) $8.00
$24.00 for 3
4-6 (sets of 2 each) $7.00 $42.00 for 6
savings of up to $6.00
7-9 (sets of 2 each) $6.00 $54.00 for 9
savings of up to $18.00
10-12 (set s of 2 each) $5.00 $60.00 for 12
savings of up to $36.00

So the more you buy…the more you save! And with these you can pick which holidays you'd like to buy also…no settling for what is available! Here are the holidays:

Jan-2 snow scenes Feb-2 Valentines March-3 St. Patrick's
April-2 Spring sayings May-2 flowers June-summer scenes
July-4th July Aug-summer fun Sept-fall scene
Oct-Halloween Nov-Thanksgiving Dec-Christmas

Remember---YOU get to choose which designs you want or if you can't decide and want me to, I will pick nice on (they will be my favorites, though).


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